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Welcome to Buddies Station!


Dear applicant,


Once your application has been accepted, you will be in for a unique and one-of-a-kind experience of internship with Buddies Station. Whether you wish to be an aspiring educator or an individual keen on working with children, your time here will be spent as a role of educator/therapist as well as a learner/client. Being in the university, you are probably used to attending lectures, and following rigid rules. Here, you will be further nurtured to encounter different experience in a genuine workplace environment:  You will experience -


  •  Unfamiliarity and Ambiguity - At times, you may not know what is expected of you, and that is okay! This is a learning process which call for coping attitude and skill
  • Your strengths and Weaknesses - Take this experience as an opportunity to reflect on yourself as a person. You may discover some hidden talents, as well as some weaknesses that you never knew you had.
  • Feedbacks and Debriefing - You are very lucky to have a supervisor who values connections between not just students, but between all people
  • Connection with your Inner Child -Do you remember what it was like to be so fun and carefree? Are you always stressing to be “grown up” and be “right”?Let loose! Be a child again; think matters from a child’s perspective, and relearn as a child.
  • Transformations - You may positively transform your students, and you toohave the opportunity to transform yourself in life more than internship throughregular reflections and integrations

Please be aware that there shall be challenge in your endeavour, yet it is up to you whether you choose to be a master or a slave to the circumstances that may arise. Your pressing concern at university may be to acquire high academic results, but here is about testifying your earning power and exploring your personal resources with a tangible success in reality.


So I definitely encourage you to practise your DREAM in the workplace, or perhaps MAKE your workplace practise as your own dream. Take advantage of the hands-on experience, be in touch with passion and refresh your humanity quality. At the same time, do have fun with the space provided with Buddies Station! Good luck and see your application soon!



Mrs.Mable Lam

Founder – Buddies Station

Past President (2008-2010) HKIAP


HKU Internship Fair on 17th January 2014

Video Link: http://www.socsc.hku.hk/internships/video/20140117.html
Transcript: Download


2014 Summer

Cat, Ian, Ann, Stephaine, Joanne, Tina, Fiona, Bosco

「富足的藝術」活動後記 — 2014 summer intern劉夢婷

HKU Internship with Buddies Station (since 2008)

2013 Summer

Emma, Martina, Mandy, Tommy, Serena

2012 Summer

Arya Awale (Napel) & Jessie, Liu Jing Chao (Sichuan) & Rachel (Korea)

2011 Summer

Ma Yuen Ki, Yuki & Yeung Hiu Yan, Adriana & Zhu Xiao Xi, Emily (Beijing) & Fong Ah Yung, Naner & Kwok Chi Wah, Tara

2011 Term

Komachi Moeka (Japan) & Suen Ho Wing, Juanita


Charity Juanita Beat the Banana
Mokea & Chole


Charity Event
Flora & Chole

Drama & Story Performance

English Dicatation Warriors Program
Flora & Chole

English Dicatation Warriors Program
Flora & Chole

2010_Drama & Story Performance
Vincent & Janet

Drama & Story Performance
Vincent & Janet


Out-reaching Visit
Ian, Dick, Grace, Alice, Jennie & Suki

Out-reaching Visit
Ian, Dick, Grace, Alice, Jennie & Suki

Class, Workshop, Vharity Event
Kevin & Dara




Story Land
Agnes & Chu

Story Land
Agnes & Chu

Story Land
Agnes & Chu